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The history of the Hawaiian Islands is filled with stories, legends, sacrifice and renaissance. Though much of the recorded history dates back to when the islands came under one nation in 1778, Polynesians have long populated the islands creating a social system that became the core of the Hawaiian culture. 

Although Maui’s population of 150,000 pales in comparison to Oahu’s more than 1 million, it cradles in her valleys a rich archive of major historical events, heritage sites and native art. Visitors who are interested in learning more about the people, culture and nature of Hawaii, we recommend following sites and activities:

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This performing arts complex is one of Maui’s pride and joy. It is a place where the community celebrates tradition and modern art from music, dance, storytelling and educational programs.


Turtles and monk seals are cute and instant photo opportunities but did you know it’s illegal to feed, touch or go within 6-feet of them?

Lei Day is a celebration of Hawaiian culture or the aloha spirit. Lei Day was established as a holiday in 1929. People commonly celebrate by giving gifts of lei to one another.