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Whether you want to relax poolside, explore waterfalls, snorkel around the reef, sail offshore, or horseback ride on the mountainside, Maui has it all. We've narrowed down our top three activities don't you don't want to miss while on Maui.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many businesses have changed their hours of operation or may not be open at this time. Please check directly with all businesses for hours of operation.

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Longnose Butterfly Fish
(808) 270-7000

If you're thinking that once "you've been to one aquarium, you've been to them all," then you will be missing out! This is THE aquarium to visit while in Hawaii.

(888) 225-6284

Rated #1 in my book! I've been on hundreds of sail excursions, and I've loved most of them. But, Trilogy takes the...

E-Foil Hawaii, Water Sport Activity

Electric foil boarding is a battery-powered way to appreciate the beauty of Maui from the water. You pilot your own e-foil Fliteboard with a handheld Bluetooth remote control.

tortoise up close image

Experience an unforgettable adventure at the Maui Animal Farm, nestled in the breathtaking hills of West Maui.

Enjoy hands-on experiences with a...

group of goats in a field

Discover a unique, delightful experience at the Surfing Goat Dairy, a premier goat farm located in lower Kula, Maui. Delight in hands-on...

three glasses of different wines on a barrel with grape clusters flanking

Located in Kula, MauiWine invites you to a captivating experience of island winemaking. Here, the wines are grown from estate-grown grapes, pineapple,...