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11/01/2023 to 03/31/2024
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Pe'ahi Big Wave Surfing Event

Surfing enthusiasts and spectators, mark your calendars! The World Surf League’s Big Wave season has officially commenced, with the thrilling Pe'ahi surfing event's holding period beginning November 10th. Renowned for its monstrous swells that challenge even the most seasoned surfers, Pe'ahi, also known as "Jaws," is set to become the epicenter of the surfing world.

Pe'ahi is a surf break located on Maui's north shore and is globally celebrated for producing some of the largest and most formidable waves found anywhere on the planet. These waves provide an awe-inspiring spectacle and an ultimate test for big-wave surfers who come from around the globe to showcase their talent and bravery.

The event window, extending from November to March, will only open on the days when wave conditions are optimal, promising waves that can surpass 30 feet in height for the competitors. While specific dates are subject to mother nature's whims, the excitement is guaranteed, with an event that draws crowds for the dramatic action on the water and the festival-like atmosphere on the shore.

Be sure to check to see if any competitions will be happening during your Maui vacation.