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14 May 2024
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Local's Guide

From celebrations of local art to culinary exhibits drawing thousands of visitors, Maui has a wide selection of annual festivals that make it an exciting travel destination. Beyond its peaceful shores and beautiful weather, it’s clear that the island has a lot to offer.

Whether you’re a foodie looking to try amazing local dishes or you’re wanting to check out the latest and greatest in music and film, you’ll find it all in Maui. Exciting festivals happen on the island year-round, so we compiled a list of important ones to keep in mind when you plan your next Maui vacation.

Here is our guide to Maui’s annual festivals!

East Maui Taro Festival


This beloved local festival offers you the chance to learn about the spirit and culture of Hawaii directly from its people. The East Maui Taro Festival honors taro (kalo), a staple food of the Hawaiian people. In Hawaiian tradition, taro is believed to have the greatest life force of all foods.

Come and try some for yourself! For three days in the spring, East Maui hosts a spectrum of events celebrating the importance of taro to Hawaiian life & culture. Explore farmers markets, arts and crafts, a garden tour, and several food vendors selling a range of taro dishes. Interact with local farmers, browse the festival for different variations of the food, and learn more about this significant piece of Hawaiian culture!

Discover Your New Favorite Movie at Maui Film Festival

August 29th – September 2nd 2024

Returning for a 24th year, the Maui Film Festival is a must-see for movie lovers out there. Self-described as a “jewel box,” they dig deep to discover unknown cinematic gems and share them with the world. The festival takes place outdoors, meaning you can lay back underneath the stars and take in the best original cinema Maui has to offer.

Are you a filmmaker yourself looking to submit? There’s still a small window to get your masterpiece in, as the deadline closes on June 30th, 2024. Whether you’re a movie maker yourself and want to get inspired by other creatives around you or simply want to take in fantastic storytelling in a beautiful setting underneath the stars, the Maui Film Festival is worth the trip.

Get In the Rhythm at Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival

June 30th 2024

Slack key guitar, known as Kī hō`alu in Hawaiian, is the traditional Hawaiian form of guitar playing. As history tells it, Hawaiian cowboys, or paniolo, created their own method of guitar playing after long days of ranch work, resulting in this unique style still celebrated today. Kī hō`alu combines open tunings with a specific fingerpicking style specific to Hawaii. Known as one of the world’s greatest acoustic guitar methods, it carries on strongly to this day and has even had its own Grammy category!

Locals and tourists alike come together to celebrate this traditional guitar playing at the Slack Key Guitar Festival, back in 2024 for a 33rd year. Experience over a dozen true masters of the craft as they perform this distinctive style of music, all for free!

Experience the Spirit of Aloha with Festivals of Aloha


Looking to get a taste of the true spirit of Hawaii? Experience Hawaiian culture at Maui’s Annual Festivals of Aloha, a months-long celebration happening this September and October. These festivals are dedicated to honoring and preserving Native Hawaiian traditions and celebrating the spirit of Hawaii. Hawaiian culture is passed from generation to generation at these festivals and shared with respectful visitors like you.

Festival events include a falsetto competition, fishing tournaments, karaoke, recreational sports, and more, so there's no shortage of things to do! There’s an abundance of local live music,  including Hula is the Heartbeat, which combines music and hula dancing and epmhasizes the importance of hula in Hawaiian life. Most events at the Festivals of Aloha in Maui are free, but check out full details and a comprehensive schedule on their website. 

Get a True Taste of Maui at the Hawaii Wine and Food Festival

October 25th – 27th 2024

Calling all foodies! The Hawaii Wine and Food Festival is Hawaii’s largest food festival, back in 2024 for its 13th year. Over 150 chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, and other professionals come together to celebrate Hawaii’s rich culinary history by participating in over 20 events, from grand tastings to kids' cooking classes. Here, you’ll get a true taste of Maui—HFWF is unique in that it challenges participants to use at least one locally grown, raised, or caught ingredient in their dishes.

The festival takes place over three weekends across Hawaii, with its Maui festival happening the last weekend in October. You can find a complete list of events on their website, from the classy Vita La Vino wine event to a Backcourt Barbecue. You can even participate in their first annual pickleball tournament! There’s no shortage of activities at this famous Maui festival.

Support Maui's Local Businesses at the Made in Maui County Festival

November 1st-2nd, 2024

If you're looking for a way to support the local community, this is it! The Made in Maui Festival was created to stimulate the local economy and raise awareness for all of the impressive workmanship right here in Maui. 

The event draws thousands of visitors every year and over 140 vendors. Each vendor has to meet specific criteria, including that their business must be based in Maui county. You can shop for furniture, art pieces, fashion, crafts, or stop at one of the many food trucks on site! Considered Maui's largest products show, the festival is a fantastic show of local pride and allows you a glimpse into the artists and craftspeople that make the community so vibrant. 

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