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Frequently Asked Questions

  • WHAT IS MAUI CONDO'S MANAGEMENT FEE?   Maui Condo’s base management fee is 22-25% of the room revenue collect for reservations generated by Maui Condo directly and through its numerous booking sources. Owners may also book their units and we offer flexible options and reduced management fees for bookings generated by the unit owner. There are three owner booking types (1) reservations for an owner him or herself and or his/her immediate family (father, mother, brother, sister, children) and/or a bonafide charity donation, there is no management fee applied to these type of reservations; (2) a reservation for a guest who the owner confirms and who the owner is collecting all payment from as well as handling all communication with the guest there is a flat handling fee of $50 and; (3) a reservation confirmed by the owner with the guest and then referred by the owner for handling of all communication and collection of payments by Maui Condo a management fee of 10% of the room rate applies.


  • WHAT IS THE MANAGEMENT FEE FOR?  The management fee covers all services provided by Maui Condo and Home including but not limited to 24/7/365 on island management services and after hours services for care of your unit and guest services, reservations, property management system fees that includes the owner portal service so owners can book their units 24/7/365 with live availability, see owners statements, etc., a free app for guests to download with unit information, maps and things to do for guests and or owners and much, much more.


  • IS REVENUE POOLED OR AM I PAID FOR THE REVENUE MY UNIT EARNS? Maui Condo and Home does not pool revenue. You receive the revenue your unit generates. It is not shared with other owners.


  • CAN I BE HANDS ON OR HANDS OFF?  Maui Condo and Home can provide 100% of what is needed to care for your unit, book the unit and generate revenue and as well as pay bills for you and more if you wish us to do so. If you would like to book your unit occasionally or a lot, the amount of involvement you want to have is 100% up to you. You can have Maui Condo do everything or a little or something in between.


  • WILL MY UNIT BE LISTED ON VRBO, AIRBNB AND OTHER LISTING SITES?  All units will be listed individually by Maui Condo on VRBO (and the full HomeAway network), AIRBNB and numerous vacation rental listing sites including but not limited to Expedia,, Red Awning, Real Voice, and more distribution channels that directly connect to our software system, allowing for real time availability and instant bookings of your unit 24/7/365. In addition, Maui Condo also works with traditional condominium-hotel reservations companies such as WestJet Vacations from Canada and Pleasant Holidays to maximize your revenue and availability in all markets.


  • DO GUESTS PAY A CLEANING FEE?  All reservations are charged a cleaning fee. The cleaning fee is based on the number of bedrooms in the condo and is based on an average. The cleaning fee may or may not cover the entire cleaning charge, depending on what your cleaner charges you.


  • WHO CHOOSES MY CLEANER?  Maui Condo works with over 20 professional cleaners for you to choose from. All the professional cleaning services we work with contract to meet and or exceed Maui Condo’s cleanliness standards which we will be happy to share with you. If an owner would like to work with a cleaner that we do not currently work with and the cleaning company is willing to agree to our cleaning standards policies and procedures we will be happy to work with them they will need to sign our agreement and provide proof of liability insurance before beginning work.


  • WHO CHECKS ON MY CONDO?  Maui Condo and Home Arrival Inspectors are our employees they are our eyes and ears at the properties. The arrival inspectors inspect each condo prior to a guest’s arrival. They inspect the housekeeping service cleaners work as well as do a mini maintenance inspection as time allows to make sure the condos are clean and ready for arrival. They will also help to troubleshoot any maintenance issues like internet, cable, replacing batteries and lightbulbs, checking for leaks or other issues. Our arrival inspectors are a very important part of keeping your unit in the best possible condition. 

    Any maintenance issues that arise will be addressed, and services and/or repairs coordinated, by Maui Condo with a professional vendor. We will work with the AOAO and or licensed professionals to care for your unit on your behalf. We will work quickly and diligently to ensure that all issues are resolved as soon as possible to avoid damage and or issues.


  • IS THERE A WEBSITE FOR OWNERS?  Yes. Stay connected with your personal owner website. Make new owner or owner guest reservations, or view or change existing reservations. View your booking calendar and the revenue for each booking. Owner statements are available to view or download. Work orders can be viewed as well. The Owner Portal is a great tool for staying informed and up to date with your unit.


  • ARE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS REQUIRED?  Yes, professional photos are required, and all New owners will receive Free professional photos to market your unit.  Professional photos are extremely important in marketing your unit and will increase your bookings.


  • WHAT IF MY CONDO GETS DAMAGED?  All Maui Condo and Home generated reservations are charged an Accidental Waiver Fee. This fee covers accidental damage should it occur in the condo, up to $1,500-. All claims will be reviewed and if qualified, will be paid out to the owner to cover repair costs. Owners are required to have liability insurance and are encouraged to have renter’s insurance in addition to the required HO5C insurance.


  • IS SOMEONE AVAILABLE AFTER-HOURS?  Customer service is available 24/7/365. Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8a-5p, and Saturday and Sunday 8a-4p. After-hours customer service is available to assist guests in-house 24/7/365 as well as help our after-hours management team coordinate services in cases of emergency, we also have an after-hours reservations team available to make new bookings, so we never miss an opportunity to make a reservation for your unit.


  • HOW DO YOU MARKET AND ADVERTISE MY CONDO?  Maui Condo continues to be an industry leader in marketing trends, including responsive websites, direct connection to distributors and a mobile app. Data driven method, and innovation, produce revenue. We market and advertise online and in print media. All efforts are tracked, and the subsequent data is analyzed. Our Sales team meets, at least, weekly to analyze all efforts. 


  • DO YOU OFFER ACCOUNTING SERVICES?  All revenue is processed through Maui Condo’s office here in Kihei, HI and is overseen by our broker. Our accounting manager will send out statement and checks (EFT) at the beginning of each month. Direct Deposit (EFT) is available. Maui Condo also offers the optional service to file your Hawaii State TA and GE taxes for a small fee.


  • WHO IS ON THE MAUI CONDO TEAM?  The Maui Condo team brings decades of industry expertise to provide our owners and guests with quality service. Our management team’s experience ranges from hotel management, homeowner association management, hotel front desk, construction, customer service, and more. We have an excellent team who has brought Maui Condo tremendous success and growth over the years.  Click to Meet Our Team