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The Aloha Spirit and sense of Ohana are most evident in the way we care for your Maui home. Our professional staff treats your place as we would treat our own. Our inspections and Next Level cleaning standards ensure that your Maui home is well cared for in all respects.


The care and well-being of your vacation rental are of the utmost importance to us. All cleaners are licensed and insured contractors. Maui Condo and Home has an independent contractor agreement and housekeeping operational standards the vendors must agree to follow before working in any of our vacation rentals. To maintain, improve cleanliness and keep vendors aware of proper standard operating procedures related to quality care of vacation rentals,

Maui Condo and Home provides industry standard classes and training to the vendors at no cost. An official “Maui Condo Arrival Inspector” will inspect your vacation rental on the day of every new arrival to check the housekeeping and provide a preventative maintenance check, ensuring it is ready for the incoming guest and meets our standards. Should you choose to hire your own housekeeper they would be required to execute our contract agreement and provide the applicable insurance coverage and W-9. Maui Condo and Home would reserve the right to terminate the agreement in the event that the vendor does not adhere to our standards.


Maui Condo provides services and emergency response care for all the properties we manage 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days of the year. We have an after-hours service to help guests and/or the on-site Association of Apartment Owners of the property as needed. On your behalf, we will take reasonable action to address and rectify any maintenance issues that occurs in order to keep the unit in good condition and to avoid any potential damage or liability to you as quickly as possible.

Maui Condo and Home works with licensed and insured contractors as well as experienced handymen and other vendors. When it comes time to remodel, Maui Condo and Home can provide you with a list of contractors that owners in our management program who have had a previous positive outcome with their remodeling project. Most AOAO’s require plans be submitted prior to a project being started and Maui Condo and Home are happy to assist with contractor access, support and monitoring of the project as needed.


To ensure quality standards for all your guests, we will provide you with a list of items with which your vacation rental should be stocked. For your convenience, we stock many items or can procure them as needed using our established superior vendor relationships, saving you money and time.


An experienced evaluator trained in industry quality standards will evaluate your vacation rental annually. You will receive a report that can be used for budgeting and planning purposes. Similar to a report card, it will let you know the condition and the wear-and-tear of items, as well as changes in consumer preferences taking place in the industry so you can keep your vacation rental up to standards and always stay competitive.

Accidental Damage / Repair Service Plan

All reservations booked by Maui Condo and Home for your vacation rental will include an accidental damage plan. This covers accidental damage up to $1,500 such as a spill on the carpet or a broken glass-table top. Maui Condo and Home processes the claims, so neither the guest nor you will need to do anything. We take care of it all for you.