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King Kamehameha Statue

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King Kamehameha statue:  King Kamehameha I is the legendary warrior who united all the islands under one nation through a series of battles. He founded the Kingdom of Hawaii and become its first sovereign ruler. There are five King Kamehameha statues in the world but the statue on Maui is declared to have the most likeness of King Kamehameha. The late, local, artist Herb Kawainui Kane created the sculpture. Kane was integral in the renaissance of the Hawaiian culture in the 1970s and was named one of Hawaii’s “living treasures.” The statue is located on the front entrance of Grand Wailea resort. King Kamehameha is sculpted standing tall facing the ocean with one hand open to welcome visitors but with a spear on the other hand to illustrate his intent to protect his people from harm. In addition to King Kamehameha’s sculpture, there are a few more sculptures and paintings at Grand Wailea that are worth seeing. Stop by the concierge or gallery to pick up a self-walking art guide. 


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