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Dining on Maui

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After your first couple of days on Maui, you’ll notice a glaring similarity amongst most of the restaurants on the Island: pride in the local harvest. As the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is home to hundreds of farmlands, big and small. Eating fresh, seasonal and locally-grown, raised and caught food is part of the culture. 

As Maui continues to grow, so are the types of ethic food that can be found. American, Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Italian and Indian cuisines are sprinkled throughout the island, even German!  

For food lovers, it is an exciting time to be on Maui. Popular celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Masaharu Morimoto have expanded to Maui bringing their world-class taste to the island. Adding to this excitement are the innovative and avant-garde young chefs who are elevating the food they grew eating at home and sharing it with visitors. The famous “mixed plates” are still widely loved and easy to find but there are also many new tastes to discover. 

With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, we would like to offer some of our favorites.

Our Team's Top Maui Restaurant Picks...